RCB responds to news of Botswana's anti-poaching budget cuts

Botswana anti-poaching unit

In response to the news that budget cuts have forced Botswana’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) to curtail its anti-poaching operations, Map Ives, Director of Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB), says:

“Recent news reports have suggested that the incredible and precious diversity of wildlife living in northern Botswana is severely threatened by governmental budget cuts. The region is home to the largest wild elephant population in Africa, as well as recovering – and internationally important – populations of white and black rhinoceros, so this news is understandably alarming.

But the DNWP is not alone in tackling the threats to Botswana’s wildlife. Their efforts are augmented by the activities of RCB and our partners, who also have rhino patrols in the field. Our patrols are operated in partnership with the DWNP anti-poaching unit, and they are incredibly effective against incursions into these wild lands. During the difficult times ahead, we will assist by putting more men in the field to keep our wildlife safe.

Furthermore, there are myriad tourism operations in the area, whose guests, guides and other staff, in combination with our patrols, provide blanket surveillance of air, land and water.

Botswana anti-poaching unit

Botswana is proud to be taking the lead, on a continental scale, in protecting endangered wildlife. RCB will continue to work hard to secure one of Africa’s last great wildlife strongholds and maintain strong defences on the frontline.

Thanks to our incredible supporters around the world, RCB will face these challenges head-on and ensure that Botswana’s precious rhinos are always protected from poachers.

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