Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB) currently has no vacancies. Please check back for any opportunities that may become available in the future. RCB is an equal opportunity employer. All potential candidates are encouraged to apply.



Every week, RCB receives applications from people wishing to volunteer with us in the beautiful Okavango Delta. While we really appreciate these offers of support, we regret RCB is not able to take volunteers, interns or students.

Conservation volunteering is not allowed in Botswana, and since RCB is a science-focussed conservation organisation, ecotourism activities are beyond our remit. RCB’s sole priority is the monitoring of the wild rhinos in the area. We appreciate people from around the world want to help and learn. However the rhinos’ security is our top priority and the more people who know where they are, the greater the risk. 

Monitoring wild rhinos in this pristine wildlife conservation area may sound like fun, but it is extremely challenging. Our officers are experienced with working in this remote and often inaccessible terrain, in extreme heat, patrolling for up to eight hours a day, on vehicles and on foot. But it is gruelling. RCB’s monitoring officers are highly trained, dedicated and passionate about their work, and we are so proud of them. Not everyone can do what they do so well.

We would have to devote resources to developing an appropriate tourism product and that would dilute our focus on protecting Botswana’s rhinos. So for now, we will just have to stick at what we do best... rhino conservation.

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