Thanks to our supporters, RCB is able to move black and white rhinos from parts of South Africa and Zimbabwe where they are at high risk of attack from poachers and bring them to Botswana – to start new lives, safe, wild and free.

All of the rhinos are given identity numbers so that monitoring officers can keep a close eye on their progress in the field. But a special few have names.

Would you like to name a wild rhino?

This is a unique opportunity to choose a name for a rhino from some of our beautiful Setswana words, or remember a loved one by naming a rhino after them. You can choose to name a black or white rhino, depending on the availability of a suitable candidate.

It costs just £7,000 to name a rhino

Every penny from the naming fee goes towards tagging, monitoring and keeping ‘your’ named rhino – and all of our precious rhinos – safe. You’ll even receive updates about your named individual.

We will only have a few rhinos available for naming next year, so please get in touch asap if you are interested.

Thank you from the rhinos