Wild rhino tagging operation a success

We are exhausted. In collaboration with government, Rhinos without Borders and Wilderness Safaris, Rhino Conservation Botswana has just completed a large operation to dart and tag previously untagged wild rhinos in the Okavango Delta. Over the past week, the team has darted rhinos and fitted each rhino with a tracking device as well as taking body measurements and a DNA sample, as well as clipping ear notches onto the rhinos ears which serve as easy to identify unique identification marks. The team, which was made up of vets, ground staff and skilled pilots moved all over the Okavango Delta, working on several different rhino populations. Once a rhino is located by the fixed wing aircraft they call in the GPS location to the helicopter and the ground teams. Each operation then takes place with speed and precision. The helicopter takes off with the vets and moves in to dart the rhino from the helicopter. Once the rhino is darted the helicopter lands nearby the sleeping rhino and the vets and the ground team move in quickly to monitor the rhinos vital signs and work on the rhino for about fifteen minutes, before marking it with a large white cross on its back, waking it up and moving rapidly away. Well done to all for this successful operation which now makes it easier for us to track these precious animals and keep them safe.