k9 unit – dog squad


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Meet the newest recruits to RCB’s rhino protection team. 

This handsome pup (right) is Sabace. He’s a male Belgian shepherd – also called a malinois – and has been training with Animals Saving Animals in the UK as a triple role protection dog for several months. He’s already shaping up to be an awesome tracker.


Prima (above as she is today and below in the carousel as a puppy) is a 18-month-old beautiful German shepherd. She was trained as an earthquake rescue dog in Italy. But this didn’t really suit her and so she returned to her breeder, who began to prepare her for the Protection Dog Championships. One of Prima’s siblings has already been deployed to the field, doing incredible anti-poaching work in Zimbabwe. And now she’s stepping up to be the leader of RCB’s new pack.

These incredible dogs will continue with their training for another seven months, before being transported to Botswana in the summer to work alongside our rhino monitoring officers. 

In the field, the dogs will be a game-changer. One dog can cover as much ground in a night as eight officers, making it much harder for wildlife criminals to evade detection. There is no escaping these dogs, so their presence will serve as a huge deterrent.

RCB is enormously grateful to the Real Africa Trust for raising the funds to donate these dogs to us.

Belgian and German shepherds are perfect for rhino protection work – intelligent, loyal, agile, sturdy and equally skilled at tracking, detecting, guarding and apprehending. The addition of these dogs to RCB’s monitoring teams will greatly improve their vigilance and ability to keep Botswana’s rhinos safe.”
— Daryll Pleasants, Animals Saving Animals